HENNY VERWEIJ CONSULTANCY & DEVELOPMENT performs and manages development projects for companies that know what they want, but lack the manpower to do so.

If your organization has been efficiently manned to handle your daily operational tasks everybody will be quite busy with his or her job and responsibilities. You top and middle management will probably not be an exception, usually they already need more than 8 hours daily to do their job. So new developments or projects lack the proper attention they need and deserve with the most likely consequence that their success rate will be less than 100% or even fail.

If you outsource the development or project you will avoid more stress in the management team and increase the chance of success. But if you outsource to the traditional (gaming) suppliers you will probably get a product in the end, but you might not be intellectual owner. You will therefore be dependent on this supplier. He might even develop something similar and sell it to the competition.

Developments managed by Henny Verweij Consulting & Development

Developments managed by HENNY VERWEIJ CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT will be completely yours with straightforward agreements about the copyright.

Because of the minimal overhead the development costs will be lower and since you control the production yourself and can order directly by the manufacturer the production costs will also be much lower.